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Some Lava tests I made using Flip in houdini. Never have tried to make lava before but have been wanting to try it out for a while and it makes it easier to try learning more flip fluids if you have an actual goal.! I think the tests turned out alright for a first run. Could use some work on the temperature diffusion/cooling. Would be cool to add some smoke/steam coming off the leading edge of the lava as it flows across the ground.

53 sec
Volcanoes have helped shape our planet. They provide life, but also can take life away. Here's our list of the top five volcanic ...
Top 5 Volcano Eruptions Caught on Camera" rel="spf-prefetch

Hello dear friends!!! <br /> EXPERIMENT: LAVA vs CAR<br /><br />ATTENTION! Action in this video made by a professional. Do not repeat! It can ...
EXPERIMENT: LAVA vs CAR" rel="spf-prefetch

Screenings:\nWarsaw, COMING OuT exhibition 2017\nNew York, Another Experiment by Woman Film Festival 2018\nCracow, Lava Film Festival 2018\nPortland Unknown Film Festival 2018\nWarsaw, Galeria Studio 2019 (presented during the exhibition ewa partum. my gallery is an idea. galeria adres archive)\n\nFrom Portland Unknown Film Festival description: \n\nThis years winner of the coveted JCAE is Posen from Poland.Shot on Hi8, the film is a self described “depression meme” eloquently examining co

5 min 22 sec
Спасибо за Лайк и Подписку Бро \(&#ヮ&#)/ ○Убеги от лавы! Пол это лава challenge! ○Предыдущий ролик ...</div><div class="yt-lockup-badges"><ul class="yt-badge-list "><li class="yt-badge-item"><span class="yt-badge " >Untertitel</span></li></ul>
ПОЛ ЭТО ЛАВА CHALLENGE!" rel="spf-prefetch

Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (2008). Earth was born as a result of repeated asteroid collisions, the moon ...</div><div class="yt-lockup-badges"><ul class="yt-badge-list "><li class="yt-badge-item"><span class="yt-badge " >Untertitel</span></li></ul>
Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation" rel="spf-prefetch

In this video, we take a look at an up-and-coming extreme sport: The Floor Is Lava.\n\nActors: Mike Ferrarotti, Tim Mercier, Christian Gudmand\n\nMusic produced by Mike Ferrarotti using GarageBand
The Floor Is Lava: A Documentary

1 min 20 sec
This video was made to show at the Pahoa Transfer Station for schoolchildren visiting to see the new <b>lava</b> flows. It gives a brief ...
Lava flows in Pahoa - Eruption Update" rel="spf-prefetch

Incredible footage of <b>lava</b> entering the ocean from a very unique,dangerous and up close angle, watch the creation of new land ...
Amazing up close footage of Lava entering the ocean." rel="spf-prefetch

NOTE: Remastered November 2017 to include occasional subtitles. \n This film is thirty-four action packed minutes documenting the path of molten lava erupting from Kilauea Volcano on the Island of Hawaii. The lava erupts and advances with impunity: destroying green forests, threatening homes and communities, pouring explosively into the ocean, and creating new land and beaches. By movies end you will have a new appreciation of the power of surface lava and what it would be like to have it fl
When The Mountain Comes To You — A dramatic and intimate story of serious molten lava

20 min 36 sec
watch: HACKER CAUGHT ON CAMERA <a href="https://goo.gl/oqXh6i" target="_blank" title="https://goo.gl/oqXh6i" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">https://goo.gl/oqXh6i</a> --~--<br />It's 3AM and the floor is lava but it also turns into Guava Juice ...</div><div class="yt-lockup-badges"><ul class="yt-badge-list "><li class="yt-badge-item"><span class="yt-badge " >Untertitel</span></li></ul>
FLOOR is LAVA Challenge! CWC vs Vy Qwaint vs Justin" rel="spf-prefetch

Do not try this! *** *** This was done by a professional and only for demonstration purposes, to show how viscous the molten rock ...
What you can learn from a quick step on lava." rel="spf-prefetch

Note: This post contains video of the keynote only.Please follow along with the session slides at: \nhttp://www.slideshare.net/JackMolisani/lava-con-roi-presentation\n\nAs “content strategy” supplants “responsive design” as the latest buzzword in technical communication—understanding how to effectively increase ROI from your process and tools is essential.\n\nReducing support costs, cutting project development time, and simplifying your translation workflow are just a few objective
Lavacon 2013 Keynote #5:Jose-Sermeno, MadCap Software - It All Comes Down to Return on Investment (ROI)

22 min 64 sec
Learn what a volcano is and how does it erupt Hey kids! Have you ever heard of a volcanic eruption? Do words like Molten Rock, ...</div><div class="yt-lockup-badges"><ul class="yt-badge-list "><li class="yt-badge-item"><span class="yt-badge " >Untertitel</span></li></ul>
Volcano | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids" rel="spf-prefetch

Watch the previous short! ➤ <a href="http://j.mp/JessBigDate" target="_blank" title="http://j.mp/JessBigDate" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">http://j.mp/JessBigDate</a> Watch full episodes of RocketJump: The Show on Hulu!</div><div class="yt-lockup-badges"><ul class="yt-badge-list "><li class="yt-badge-item"><span class="yt-badge " >Untertitel</span></li></ul>
Keep off the Grass" rel="spf-prefetch

NU Performance Festival 2016:\nCORPORATE OCCULT_lets talk about the body baby\n29.10 - 5.11.2016\nKanuti Gildi SAAL and Punane Maja\n\nKuraator / Curator: Maria Arusoo\nKunstnikud / Artists: Peaches, Dana Michel, Samira Elagoz, Maria Metsalu, Black Cracker, Maria Minerva, Kolbeinn Hugi, Vanessa Place, Kris Lemsalu, Helena Keskküla, Emer Värk & Renzo van Steenbergen, Huoraton, Ivo Dimchev etc.\n \nNU Performance Festival 2016 toob kokku rahvusvahelise seltskonna visuaal- ja performancekuns

20 sec
The Most Incredible Volcano Video ever shot ! Geoff Mackley, Bradley Ambrose,, after an epic struggle with the weather for 35 ...
Most incredible volcano expedition ever 2012 - the full version" rel="spf-prefetch

This is what happens when you put a can of Coca Cola on <br />Subscribe to TheHub <a href="http://goo.gl/87YJzG" target="_blank" title="http://goo.gl/87YJzG" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">http://goo.gl/87YJzG</a><br /><br />Sources:<br />Coke Lava ...
Coke Can on HOT LAVA Test" rel="spf-prefetch

Demo reel Shot Breakdown:\n\n1. Men in Black III\t\t\nThe design of arcnet device (plasma effects only), mustard squirting.\n\n2. The Amazing Spiderman\t\nUnderwater bubbles\n\n3. Green Lantern\t\t\t\nParallax effects\n\n4. Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs.\t\t\nWind effects: tree movements and debris flying.Crowd simulation, falling food, sparks and water movements in glasses.\n\n5. G-Force. \t\nWater splashes, glass breaking, sparks and debris flying.I had to redo these shots for the 3D
Demo Reel

1 min 64 sec
In 1968, the world witnessed the first ever movie to feature the living dead. The name of the movie was the Night of the Living ...
9 Cool Ideas in the Case of a Zombie Apocalypse" rel="spf-prefetch

Subscribe and to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube <a href="https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn" target="_blank" title="https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn</a> Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer ...</div><div class="yt-lockup-badges"><ul class="yt-badge-list "><li class="yt-badge-item"><span class="yt-badge " >Untertitel</span></li></ul>
Scientist gets too close to lava lake! - Richard Hammond's Journey to the Centre of the Planet - BBC" rel="spf-prefetch

Drive toward Hana on Maui's north coast and around halfway you'll see Ke'anae Peninsula, an abrupt flat land mass jutting into the ocean from the mountainous and curving highway.This video shows the pennisula on an early January morning with light coming from low in the east and the ocean methodically, incessantly intent on recalaiming its lava rocks.\n\nVideo, stills and music by Neal Wagner, all rights reserved.
Ke'anae Peninsula Maui

2 min 89 sec
Download the song “<b>Lava</b>” here: <a href="http://smarturl.it/dpls1" target="_blank" title="http://smarturl.it/dpls1" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">http://smarturl.it/dpls1</a> Google Play: <a href="http://smarturl.it/dplgps1" target="_blank" title="http://smarturl.it/dplgps1" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr" class="yt-uix-redirect-link">http://smarturl.it/dplgps1</a> Amazon: <a href="http://smarturl.it/dplams1" target="_blank" title="http://smarturl.it/dplams1" rel="nofo
Disney Music - Lava (Official Lyric Video from "Lava")" rel="spf-prefetch

When <b>lava</b> meets water, amazing chemical reactions take place. Today we''re <b>going</b> to see how land is created, for the top five ...
Top 5 Lava VS Water Videos" rel="spf-prefetch

Full HD video loop\n12:24 video segment looping continuously\nSee more at www.maxbellamy.com\n\nPart of the solo video art exhibition 'Borrowed Time' by Max Bellamy. Shown at the Southland Museum and Gallery in New Zealand during Nov/Dec 2011. \n\nTo read the catalogue essay by NZ based art writer Jamie Hanton click here http://i.imgur.com/yzdm5.jpg\nTo view an installation photograph of how the exhibition looked in the space click here http://imgur.com/dy9Xr.jpg\n\nThis video was shot on a Pana

7 min 44 sec
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