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https://go.drivelive.club/?book=041574248X This workbook is intended for use with couples who want to enhance their emotional connection or overcome their relationship distress. It is recommended for use with couples pursuing Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). It closely follows the course of treatment and is designed so that clinicians can easily integrate guided reading and reflections into the therapeutic process. The material is presented in a recurring format: Read, Reflect, and Discuss. Readings help couples look at their relationship through an attachment lens, walking them through the step-by-step process of creating a secure relationship bond. 33 Reflections invite readers to engage with the material personally, expanding their own awareness and ability to tune into their partner. Discussion sections suggest relationship-building exercises and a framework for conversations that promote safety, disclosure, and engagement. Case examples, along with informative illustrations, are scattered throughout the book to validate, illustrate, and inspire couples along their journey. Clinicians conversant with EFT can use this workbook to extend the effectiveness of their work with couples by giving them structured tasks to work on between sessions. For clinicians training in EFT, the book can guide them in staying focused on the EFT roadmap and illuminate how important change events unfold.
Full E-bookAn Emotionally Focused Workbook for Couples: The Two of UsFor Kindle
https://go.drivelive.club/?book=1508239592 Stephen King presents ?a fresh adrenaline rush of terror? (People) in this electrifying #1 New York Times bestseller!The new minister came to Harlow, Maine, when Jamie Morton was a boy doing battle with his toy army men on the front lawn. The young Reverend Charles Jacobs and his beautiful wife brought new life to the local church and captivated their congregation. But with Jamie, he shares a secret obsession?a draw so powerful, it would have profound consequences five decades after the shattering tragedy that turned the preacher against God, and long after his final, scathing sermon. Now Jamie, a nomadic rock guitarist hooked on heroin, meets Charles Jacobs again. And when their bond becomes a pact beyond even the Devil?s devising, Jamie discovers that the word revival has many meanings?.
About For BooksRevivalFor Kindle
https://go.drivelive.club/?book=0470073381 A long-awaited update of the classic equine massage referenceFully revised and updated, this new edition provides step-by-step instructions and more than 180 photographs and diagrams to help riders and professionals alike master equine massage techniques. This authoritative guide provides detailed information about massage movements, pressures, rhythms, and sequences. It includes:* An introduction to equine anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology* Practical information on stretching and hydrotherapy* Four new chapters covering equine myofascial massage, Equine TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Dysfunction Syndrome, Equine Muscular Compensation Phenomenon, and saddle fitting* A conformation check-up routine* Information about areas of stress specific to each discipline and different massage techniques and routines for different situations* A handy comb-bound format that lays flat for convenient use in the stableEquine massage enhances the performance and quality of life of horses by increasing flexibility, reducing stiffness, improving attitude, and shortening recovery time from injury. In addition to its many health benefits, equine massage strengthens the bond between the horse and his owner, trainer, or groom. Using these techniques, you'll learn to \
Full E-bookEquine Massage: A Practical Guide For Kindle
President Trump and Democratic congressional leaders have reached a bipartisan federal budget agreement. But while the deal prevents a government shutdown, some experts are raising concerns about increasing the national debt long-term. Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, joined CBSN to discuss the deal.
New budget deal raises concerns about national debt
Jul.22 -- Winnie Cisar, head of credit strategy at Wells Fargo Securities, discusses where she’s finding yield in fixed income. She speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia.”
We Are Tactically Overweight Investment Grade Bonds, Says Wells Fargo Securities’s Cisar
Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia have all paid a price for foreign currency sovereign borrowings, Roy said.
PMEAC member cites Rajan & Reddy, asks govt to rethink sovereign bond plan
Jul.23 -- Tianhe Ji, China head of FXLM strategy at BNP Paribas Global Markets, discusses Chinese 10-year yields and his outlook for rates. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.”n
There Is Room for China 10-Year Yield to Go Down, Says BNP Paribas’s Ji
Après avoir longtemps grandi dans l'ombre de leurs célèbres parents, certains enfants de stars souhaitent se faire une petite place au soleil. Si cette production tant attendue est dotée d'un casting impressionnant et d' un trio de tête flamboyant avec Brad Pitt , Margot Robbie et Leonardo DiCaprio , elle donne également sa chance à quelques enfants de célébrités, qui ne demandent qu'à se faire un prénom dans le monde du cinéma. A commencer par Maya Hawke . Dans Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood , la fille de Uma Thurman et Ethan Hawke interprète Flower Child. Et cette avant-première était également l'occasion pour la fille aînée de Demi Moore et Bruce Willis de s'offrir une petite sortie entre soeurs, puisqu'elle avait convié Tallulah et Scout à se joindre à elle.
PHOTOS. Maya Hawke, les soeurs Willis... les enfants de stars...
https://ww3.findbooks.space/?book=1631230581 Full E-bookTsumiko inherits an ancestral home, a vast fortune, and a butler who isn't exactly human. Humanity is rocked by the Emergence of a people who call themselves the Amaranthine. They are our myths and legends come to life. Neither human nor animal, yet embracing qualities of both, the inhuman races inspire both awe and fear. Every newsfeed is clogged with updates about the peace process, but some places don't concern themselves with worldly affairs. Like the girls' school run by Saint Midori's of the Heavenly Lights, where Tsumiko Hajime grew up.A letter from a long-lost aunt names Tsumiko heiress to an ancestral estate and its accompanying fortune. Only the legacy comes with an aloof heirloom: an inhuman butler. Argent has served the Hajime family for centuries, and Tsumiko must renew the generational bond or he'll die. Argent hates her for the hold she has over him, but he craves her soul almost as much as he craves his freedom. Amazon Editors' Picks for the Top 20 Best SciFi/Fantasy Books of 2018 For Kindle
Online Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1)For Free
Pour Octave ADJALO, haut cadre à la fédération centrafricaine de football, la RCA a pris des dispositions matérielles, sanitaires et techniques ( dont un encadrement renforcé) afin de battre Sao Tomé et Principe en éliminatoires de la CHAN le 28 Juillet à Bangui et le 4 Août à Sao Tomé
CHAN 2020 : La RCA se prépare pour la double confrontation face à Sao Tomé
https://go.drivelive.club/?book=0964151847 Dr. Sophia Yin, author of the Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook, is a veterinarian, applied animal behaviorist, author, and speaker. Her passion for animals and their proper handling and restraint led her to spend hundreds of hours on this project - a new book and instructional DVD set focused on the most humane techniques that reduce stress for people and pets. The book and DVD feature: More than 1,600 photos that show practicing veterinarians and students how to handle dogs and cats correctly Explanations of what vets think they re doing right but may actually be doing wrong Three hours of video clips with voiceover narratives that show correct and incorrect handling proceduresBy using this training tool, vets will: Be able to implement the most up-to-date handling techniques Learn how to restrain animals correctly through behavior modification that does not involve coercion, dominance, or other negative training methods Increase efficiency because patients will willingly comply with procedures Stop perpetuating behavior problems in patients Create a safer environment for themselves and and their team with fewer bites, scratches, and back injuries Improve the bond between vet, pet, and clientThis new book and DVD quickly and painlessly teaches how to handle dogs and cats with ease and grace, showing veterinarians how to impress clients and create patients who willingly comply with treatments and procedures. This visual guide is the result of hundreds of hours of research and a dedication to intelligent and compassionate behavior modification in animals. Over 1,600 photos and three hours of video clips make it easy to recognize poor handling methods that can cause behavior issues for a lifetime. Dr. Yin shows the wrong way, and then the right way, to clearly illustrate exactly how and why a pet reacts the way she does.The benefits of low-stress handling are tremendous; practicing these refined handling skills will create a safer work environment, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve the bond between vet, pet, and client.\
About For BooksLow Stress Handling Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats:
Il était le complice de James Bond. Selon le Hollywood Reporter, l’acteur David Hedison est mort le 18 juillet dernier à l’âge de 92 ans. Il avait campé le rôle de Felix Leiter dans la saga James Bons à deux reprises. Non Stop People vous en dit plus.
James Bond : David Hedison alias Felix Leiter est mort à 92 ans
http://www.maximotv.com || Broll footage: Maya Hawke on the red carpet at the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” world premiere held at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California USA on July 22, 2019 || \
Maya Hawke \
True bonded with cousins North and Chicago while attending their great-grandmother MJ’s birthday party
Playtime! Khloé Kardashian Shares Sweet Videos of True Bonding with Cousins North & Chicago
A cette tête d'affiche déjà prestigieuse, se sont ajoutés l'actrice Margaret Qualley , la fille d' Andie MacDowell , Maya Hawke , fille de Uma Thurman et Ethan Hawke , ou encore Austin Butler , venu avec sa compagne Vanessa Hudgens . Ainsi, on a pu apercevoir Elsa Pataky et Chris Hemsworth , Robin Thicke et sa fiancée April Love Geary , Don Johnson et Kelley Phleger , Rob Lowe avec sa femme Sheryl Berkoff , Joe Manganiello et Sofia Vergara , Britney Spears et son chéri Sam Asghari , ou encore John Stamos et sa femme Caitlin McHugh . Venue seule, Adriana Lima était également de la partie, tout comme Scout Willis , Tallulah Willis et Rumer Willis , les filles de Bruce Willis et Demi Moore , ou encore les rappeurs Travis Scott et Snoop Dogg , ainsi que Pierce Brosnan et son fils Dylan .
PHOTOS. Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt et Margot Robbie : un tri...
Inaaya Naumi Kemmu copies Kunal Kemmu's pout look in latest photo. Soha recently took to Instagram to share a picture of Inaaya and Kunal. In the picture, Inaaya can be seen imitating her father's pout and no brownie points for guessing who was better at pouting#InaayaNaumiKhemu #KunalKhemu #TaimurAliKhan
Inaaya Naumi Kemmu copies Kunal Kemmu's POUT look in latest photo; Check out | FilmiBeat
Après s'être faite remarquer pour sa prestation très réussie de Robin dans la série Stranger Things , Maya Hawke va bientôt crever l'écran. A l'affiche de Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood , le dernier film de Quentin Tarantino , la fille de Uma Thurman et Ethan Hawke a assisté lundi 22 juillet à la Première du long-métrage, au côté de Brad Pitt , Margot Robbie et Leonardo DiCaprio . Tandis qu'elle espère que les fans de la série se sont attachés à ce personnage qui a fait son apparition à partir de la saison 3, la jeune comédienne savait qu'elle devrait travailler pour faire accepter Robin . \
PHOTOS. Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) canon et engagée à la Pre...
Depuis qu’elle a accusé Kheiron et Baptiste Lecaplain de se cacher derrière le compte YouTube de CopyComic, Sandra Sisley est critiquée de toute part. Heureusement, la femme de Tomer Sisley peut compter sur le soutien de son amie, Laeticia Hallyday. Non Stop People vous en dit plus.
Laeticia Hallyday à Saint-Barth, son tendre message à Sandra Sisley
Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio bonded over pottery, and they now often spend time at Brad's sculpting studio \
Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio bond over pottery
https://go.drivelive.club/?book=0190279982 Age is an important number, but it can also be deceiving. After 40, most people say they feel younger than their years, some lie about their age, and many attempt to hide the signs of growing old.Better with Age addresses the many myths and paradoxes about the aging process. Although most people think of their later years in terms of decline, they can be one of the best times in life. This book presents the latest scientific research about the psychology of aging, coupled with insights from those who have succeeded in doing it well, such as Maya Angelou, Bob Newhart, Jared Diamond, John Glenn, and John Wooden.We are all aging, and many people are concerned about what to expect with advancing years. Retirement, happiness, and brain health are some of the many topics covered in this book. Better with Age shows what we can do now, at any stage in life, to make sure we enjoy old age.
Full versionBetter with Age: The Psychology of Successful AgingFor Kindle Better with Age:
Mr. Bond The Best People In This World Screw Your Optics, I'm Going In Mixtape Lyrics (English) [Intro] This song is dedicated to my people. And all the ancestors who made every imaginable sacrifice to protect and preserve blood and soil. In this millennium fight against the eternal enemy of all things noble and beautiful. We will never forget where we came from and who we are.[Bridge 1] You are the pearl, this planet Her rich heritage is far superior Since they are of the throne, they wish them again Only they threaten, the vermin If anyone asks, do you love your people? Then just get up, look him in the face and say[Refrain] It is the best in the world That's why the Jew wants it to fall But it stands proud, our German people It carries the last pure blood That's why being a servant is not good It stands proud, our German people[Verse 1] You can not copy anything except us miserable Occupy us to castrate our military We are the opposite of you, noble, pure and faithful Strong, aristocratic, yes of the essence simply German Every day we can laugh again from above That is why the Jew wants to abolish our death and us He brings negroes into the country en masse Then encourage our girls to racial defilement Shabby rascals want the death of the whites I'll tell you something, you can get into my oven No torture in the world would be enough of atonement For you satanic breed of the desert Homo, shemale, pedolobby, bolshevist They want to destroy Gojs, read Solzhenitsyn And the Germans are sitting, right in the middle On the mortal enemies list of this kosher clan[Refrain][Bridge 2] They are dignified, unsurpassable But its burden is the parasites In battle and in thought, with sword and pen The subhuman, toughest opponent If anyone asks, do you love your people? Then just get up, look him in the face and say[Refrain][Verse 2] He sees German bliss, and he shakes with envy Hate us for our superiority He is the opposite, Aryan honesty That's why Europeans have always been arguing You think, \
Das Beste Volk Auf Dieser Welt
Resource Management for School Administrators: Optimizing Fiscal, Facility, and Human Resources (The Concordia University Leadership Series) By : Daniel R. TomalClick Here : https://libbrs.fullebook.space/?book=1475802528
[READ] Resource Management for School Administrators: Optimizing Fiscal, Facility, and Human
Being envious of others and trying to steal their happiness will only make you bitter and unhappy. Hassad is a story in which an elder sister in law is extremely jealous of the younger sister-in-law which destroys both their lives.Minal Khan as Naintara is a simple and kind-hearted girl who is married to Armaan. They both love each other immensely.Shehroze Sabzwari as Armaan is the youngest son of his family. He is married to Naintara and is always expressive about his love in terms of actions and words.Arij Fatima as Zareen is the elder sister-in-law of Armaan. She is always envious of the loving relationship between Armaan and Naintara, and this makes her unsatisfied with her on life.Noor Hassan as Farhan is the eldest son of the family and is married to Zareen. He is not as expressive in nature as his brother, Armaan and usually keeps his feelings to himself.Despite the stark contrast in their nature, there is still a strong bond between both brothers.Naintara and Armaan both are living a happy and fulfilled life until a tragedy strikes.Zareen and Farhan have a content married life, but Zareen’s constant jealousy with Naintara and Armaan’s loving relation always makes her crave for more.Because of Zareen’s jealousy towards Naintara, she leaves no chance to belittle or degrade her, making her life difficult.Saba Faisal as Sadiqa is the mother of Farhan and Armaan and is the head of the family.Written By: Abida Ahmed & Maimoona AzizDirected By: Aabis RazaCast:Arij Fatima, Minal Khan, Noor Hassan, Shehroze Sabzwari, Saba Faisal, Nida Mumtaz Ayaz Samoo and others.
Hassad | Episode 14 | 22nd July 2019
https://go.drivelive.club/?book=0813813182 Canine and Feline Behavior for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses provides the veterinary technician with a solid foundation in behavioral medicine. Designed as a daily resource for interacting with and educating pet owners, the book familiarizes readers with the behavioral, mental, and emotional needs of dogs and cats. Canine and Feline Behavior for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses offers a complete guide to the technician's role in behavioral preventive services and how to assist the veterinarian with behavioral intervention.Covering the roles of animal behavior professionals, normal development of dogs and cats, and the human-animal bond, the book includes correlations from human mental health care throughout. The book encompasses learning theory, preventive behavioral services, standardized behavior modification terms and techniques, and veterinary behavior pharmacology. Canine and Feline Behavior for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is an essential resource for veterinary technicians to realize their full potential and become a pivotal component of the behavioral health care team for canine and feline patients.
About For BooksCanine and Feline Behavior for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses Complete
President Trump and Democratic congressional leaders have reached a bipartisan federal budget agreement. But while the deal prevents a government shutdown, some experts are raising concerns about increasing the national debt long-term. Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, joined CBSN to discuss the deal.
New budget deal raises concerns about national debt
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